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The wind blew in an ominous way. I held tightly on to the sleeves of my cardigan and pulled my scarf tighter around my neck to keep its chills away. Leaves rustled under my feet as I hurriedly walked home.

Even though it was just 5pm, darkness had engulfed the atmosphere and one would mistakenly think it was heading to 8. My boots made a sloshing noise whenever they squeezed through the muddy puddles leading to the farm. I could not wait to get to the house and warm my hands around the fireplace as I sipped a cup of cocoa.

Suddenly, I heard a noise in the woods. The crack of a twig and a fast dash to be precise. I turned but there was no one behind me. With my senses more alert, I cautiously moved on. No sooner had I moved a little further than I heard the sound again. This time I did not turn to look, instead I broke into a run.

As I ran, I felt as if someone was following in tow, and when I turned I could have sworn I saw a figure chasing after me. This propelled me to run faster and I kept hearing footsteps behind me. I ran faster and tripped over the foot of an old oak tree. My face curled up in disgust as thick mud splashed all over my face and pigtails. Suddenly I felt cornered. I waited with bated breath for my pursuant to emerge from the woods. Nothing came up. I listened for strange noises. Only the cricket’s chirp filled the air. I stood heavily and leaned on the tree. How could I ever be silly enough to race from my own shadows?

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I trudged up the hill until I came into a clearing. I stopped and looked around. I had grown up on the farm. I knew it like the palm of my hand and it was the safest place on earth. My mother emerged from the shed with a pile of wood in her arms.

В«Oh dear! Whatever happened to you? Did you fall? Are you ok?В» She asked concernedly

В«I’m fine I just tried to race with my shadows and tripped over the huge oak.В»

We both burst out laughing at my silliness and she ushered me into the warmth of the house as I explained how fear had engulfed me.

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